Originally from Japan, Suzuki began his career at a world renowned hair salon in Harajuku, Tokyo.
He then began working as a stylist in a Sassoon partner Salon in San Diego, CA.
Now at Arukas Hair Resort, he has become a highly sought out stylist.
Suzuki regularly attends professional seminars in order to further his technique.
He has acquired both Advanced Academy and Masterclass diplomas from Vidal Sassoon.


I have been a hairdresser in Japan for over 10 years and also in Australia for almost 2 years.
I am going on my second year here in America as well.
I love being a hairdresser and I will always try to give the best looking style for my clients, for what they hope.
I do both men’s and women’s hair and I do make up and up do too.
I always work hard to understand and work with my clients to make them happy with their style.


Asako has been in the beauty industry for so many years.
she worked as a makeup artist and hair stylist both in Japan and the US.
Clients love her styling and she continually works pursuant to a client’s needs.
Her foremost desire is to make sure a client leaves completely satisfied.
She has acquired both Advanced Academy and Masterclass diplomas from Vidal Sassoon.


My first priority is to make my clients to feel confident after I am done with their hair.
Throughout my years of experience, I learned that the most important task as a hairstylist is to listen.
It is crucial to listen to what the clients want. From my perspective, the hair may be look good but if the client is not pleased, I consider it as failure.
This is why I consider the consultation between myself and the client most important. I always try my best to keep up with the trend and see what hairstyles are most popular.
I also do not want to limit myself just to hair and its different style but fashion as well because it will help me understand which hairstyles would go best with the fashion industry.
I want to satisfy all of my clients as much as possible, so please come and see me and we can discussion about your hair.


Bobo grew up in Orange County with a passion for hair.
She graduated from Sassoon Academy’s cosmetology program and specialized in precision hair design while overseas.
She devotes her cut and color technique to bring optimal suitability for each client.
Bobo speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese. She enjoys movies, culture, fashion and the arts.